Disposal Containers
Breau Disposal Ltd. provides contract services to business, industry and institutional customers including hospitals, shopping malls, retail stores, schools, insurance companies, industrial processors, manufacturers, office complexes, restaurants, grocery stores, and many more. No customer is too large or too small at Breau Disposal Ltd.

We are equipped to provide disposal containers to meet your every requirement:

Disposal Containers
  1. 4, 6, and 8 cu yd
  2. 20, 30, and 40 cu yd roll-off boxes
Whether for recycling, waste disposal, or material recovery, Breau Disposal Service utilizes an innovative systems approach and provides the right size equipment and service to get the job done. Customization of our services make your choices easier.

Small Jobs and Our Space Saving 6-yard "dumpsters"

Our 6-yard "dumpster" service is designed for the smaller job such as small roofing jobs (less than 15 square), smaller remodeling and clean up jobs. The small base of the container and the small delivery trucks makes our dumpster service ideal for hard-to-reach locations or limited space needs. The footprint of our 6-yard dumpster is approximately 6' X 7' and 4' high.


Our 20- and 30-cubic-yard containers are designed to transport large amounts of discarded materials. For the homeowner, roofing jobs, large remodeling or demolition projects and general clean up/clean out of an average size home usually requires our large 20- or 30-yard containers. There is no size difference in the base of the 20- or 30-yard container, they are both 8' wide and 20' feet long. The difference is in the height of the container with the 20 being 4' to 4.5 ft high and the 30 being 5 to 5.5 ft high. Both containers have back doors that can be opened, but many people prefer to throw the material over the sides of the container. For the homeowner the 20-yard is easier to load because of its lower height.

  1. Corrugated cardboard
  2. Mixed paper
  3. Metal cans
  4. Glass bottles and jars
  5. Plastic bottles and jugs
  6. Beverage cartons (e.g., milk and juice cartons)
  7. Aluminum foil products
  8. Small metal items
Place mixed paper, including newspapers, magazines, catalogs, and phone books, in a labeled recycling container or a clear plastic bag. Mixed paper also includes white paper, colored paper, glossy paper, envelopes, folders, and junk mail. Bundle and tie corrugated cardboard separately.

Rinse, if possible, and place beverage (milk and juice) cartons, plastic bottles and jugs, glass bottles and jars, metal cans, aluminum foil products, and small metal items in a blue or labeled recycling container or a blue plastic bag. Place large metal items that are too big to fit in a container or bag—such as furniture and large appliances—at the curb next to recycling containers or bags. If your school uses dumpsters for recycling collection, label the trash and recycling dumpsters appropriately, including a separate dumpster for mixed containers and one for mixed paper and cardboard. Place loose or bagged recyclables in the appropriate recycling dumpster.


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